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Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome to The Daily Binge! This will be your one place stop for great shows or movies to watch in your free time throughout the week. I, Lexy Barnes, will be your guide through this wonderful journey of television and film. Before we get started though, binge-watching is typically associated with Netflix, but for this blog, anything from Netflix, Hulu, and even AmazonVideo is fair game! Every week I plan to update at least twice about great TV series and/or movies that you can watch in your free time!

For the first few weeks, the suggestions will be my personal choices. As the year continues though, I would like feedback from followers about their favorite TV shows or movies to watch in order to create a community environment. At the end of each month, I would like to recap on all of the great shows and movies mentioned throughout the month. I would also like to have an honorable mentions post as well. There’s only twenty-four hours in a day, and I have a job along with school. The chances of me watching everything that I want to are very slim. I, however, will do my best in keeping people informed about great new shows to watch as well as old classics you shouldn’t sleep on. Our binge-watching journey will begin next week so stay tuned!

Are you still watching?…

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