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Series of the Week: Charmed

If you're fans of Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you'll definitely love Charmed. Charmed took place in San Francisco, CA, and it followed three sisters by the names of Prue, Piper and Phoebe. They seem like your typical set of sisters. You have the smart one (Prue), the practical one (Piper) and the crazy one… Continue reading Series of the Week: Charmed

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Series of the Week: Scandal

I'm bringing you another hit show from Shonda Rhimes. Scandal is another part of the Thank Goodness it's Thursday (TGIT) lineup on ABC (if you haven't heard of this, you're missing out). It started a few years back with a pilot season of about seven episodes. Mostly Scandal discusses the concept of government corruption as… Continue reading Series of the Week: Scandal

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Movie of the Week: 13th

Slavery still exists today in America. That is the principle idea behind the Netflix documentary 13th. 13th focuses on the United States prison system as well as informs viewers on the issue of mass incarceration. Mass incarceration is the increase of inmates, usually African American, in the late 20th century and early 21st century. The idea of… Continue reading Movie of the Week: 13th

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Series of the Week: Bleach

Welcome back readers! Today, I'm bringing you my all time favorite anime Bleach as a recommendation. The first two or three seasons are available on Netflix, but the whole series is on Hulu. This anime is based off of the popular manga Bleach created by Tite Kubo, and I primarily describe it as an interesting… Continue reading Series of the Week: Bleach

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Series of the Week: The Get Down

Welcome back lovely readers! Today I am bringing you another great Netflix original series called The Get Down. The Get Down was created in 2016, and it's a feel good drama for young adults to enjoy. Sadly, the series only has 6 episodes, but each episode is at least an hour long. This drama takes… Continue reading Series of the Week: The Get Down

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Series of the Week: Degrassi The Next Class

Welcome back everyone! Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy. Today I am bringing a Netflix original series to you. If you're familiar with the Canadian drama Degrassi, this series will seem like a blast from the past. Degrassi: The Next Class is a continuation of the cancelled Canadian drama Degrassi. The drama was cancelled mid 2015… Continue reading Series of the Week: Degrassi The Next Class