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Movie of the Week: High School Musical

Welcome Back Everyone! (And if you are new, Hello!)

Welcome to the first installment of the Movies aspect of The Daily Binge. At least one movie a week will be suggested. For the first few weeks, I am going to do a Disney theme since Hulu and Netflix have uploaded multiple Disney movies. I, of course, wanted to start with my favorite Disney movie High School Musical. The franchise has 3 movies in total, but only two are available on Netflix. Watching High School Musical and High School Musical 2, has become a spring semester ritual for me. It typically calms my nerves about a new semester as well as uplifts my spirit.

High School Musical, in my opinion, is a story about self-discovery. You have two individuals, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, who are stuck behaving the way their friends and family expect them to behave. They had been satisfied with that lifestyle until junior year of high school came. Bolton and Montez met over Christmas Break and bonded over karaoke, but after that, they reverted back to their simple lifestyle of pleasing everyone but themselves.

They are taken by surprise when they run into each other during the spring semester at East Coast High. Montez the typical new girl in town, and Bolton the star athlete. They both end up in detention for cellphones, and somehow sparks fly from there. During detention, they “accidentally” audition for a musical and get a callback for it.

The student body loses their minds over it when they find out about it. After the callback announcement, Bolton and Montez faced adversity from Sharpay and Ryan Evans, two siblings dedicated to theater, as well as family and friends. Check out this movie, if you haven’t already seen it, to see how these two brave individuals overcome their adversity.

Before watching this movie, remember that the acting and music may not be the best, but it has a great message for kids. There will be moments where you want to cringe and moments where you may identify with one of the characters. No matter how many times you watch a movie, you always notice something different within it every time.

Thanks for checking out the Movie of this Week. Don’t forget to suggest any movies available on Hulu or Netflix that you may want to suggest for others to watch. I am open to every genre, so don’t hesitate! Until next time…

Are you still watching?

3 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: High School Musical”

  1. I love this movie! I serve as a youth leader at my church and all of the girls are always making references to this movie. Growing up I never watched any of the HSM movies. I arrived late to the party, but fell in love with them!!! Great post on breaking down the plot. 🙂


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