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Series of the Week: The 100

Welcome back everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Today, I’m going to bring you a great science fiction thriller called The 100. The 100’s first three seasons are available on Netflix while the CW app has its latest episodes. This series is cutting edge and not your typical teen drama.


It takes place in a post apocalyptic world where Earth has become too contaminated for humans to live. To maintain human life, humans had developed an outer space living compartment called The Ark. While humans spent years in the Ark, they developed their own government and judicial system. The main priority of the government and judicial system was to make decisions that benefited the majority. These decisions included execution of individuals as well as sentences for criminals.

One of the most controversial decisions the government made was sending 100 criminals under the age of 18 to Earth. The government told the general public that the Earth was inhabitable again, and these 100 kids would prove that. In reality though, the Ark was facing its last days, and the government believed that sending the 100 kids would help the Ark prolong its life. Check out The 100 to follow the 100 teens on earth as well as the individuals on the Ark as they face their repercussions from their decisions.


Before checking out this show, I advise you to not get attached to certain characters. If you thought The Walking Dead had a bunch of deaths, wait till you see The 100. The producers aren’t scared to kill off characters if it helps the plot continue on or develop a certain character. Other than that piece of information though, The 100 is a great show for young adults, and I advise you to watch it with an open mind. Some things aren’t quite what they seem.

Are you still watching?

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