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Series of the Week: Degrassi The Next Class

Welcome back everyone!

Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy. Today I am bringing a Netflix original series to you. If you’re familiar with the Canadian drama Degrassi, this series will seem like a blast from the past. Degrassi: The Next Class is a continuation of the cancelled Canadian drama Degrassi. The drama was cancelled mid 2015 but soon picked back up by Netflix that same year. Nobody knows why Netflix renewed it, but thank God they did.


Degrassi: TNC is a great drama that showcases issues that may plague high school students, and it displays various characters from different backgrounds. To put it into another perspective, think of it as Ned’s Declassified except it takes place in high school, the issues are MUCH more serious, and there is no definite main character.

Since the beginning, the Degrassi franchise pushed the envelope with the topics or issues discussed on the series. In Degrassi High, the most well-known scene is the student’s suicide in the boy’s bathroom. In Degrassi: The Next Generation, well-known scenes include the school shooting, various rape scenes, and murder. Now, those are just some of the shocking scenes from the previous shows, but you get the picture.


Degrassi has never been afraid to touch the difficult topics, and The Next Class is no different. It approaches these “dangerous” topics with such rawness and authenticity that it amazes me. This is legit the first Netflix original series that I have fallen in love with, and I hope that you do too. Degrassi: TNC has three seasons currently available on Netflix, and I suggest you check them out because you won’t be disappointed.

Are you still watching?

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