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Series of the Week: Bleach

Welcome back readers!

Today, I’m bringing you my all time favorite anime Bleach as a recommendation. The first two or three seasons are available on Netflix, but the whole series is on Hulu.

This anime is based off of the popular manga Bleach created by Tite Kubo, and I primarily describe it as an interesting take on the idea of the afterlife.

The main character is an adolescent named Ichigo Kurosaki who can see spirits. Ever since he discovered his special gift, he dedicated his free time to helping the spirits coming to peace with their deaths. After the spirits would come to peace, they would easily pass on to the afterlife.


Kurosaki dives deeper into the afterlife world when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a soul reaper. Kuchiki came from an afterlife world called The Soul Society, and as a soul reaper, she helps spirits safely pass on as well. Not every soul, however, comes to peace with death so easily. When spirits become unable to come to peace with their deaths, they turn into horrible creatures called hollows. Once spirits reach the hollow stage, soul reapers have to “eliminate them” which forces the spirits to come to peace with their deaths.

That sums up the basis of how Bleach operates. As the series progresses, it becomes more complicated. I just primarily wanted to focus on season one though. Season one is mainly about the development of Kurosaki and Kuchiki’s friendship as well as the function of soul reapers and hollows in the real world. Season one is a test for viewers to see if they want to continue their journey into the world of Bleach.

bleach new insert

Before watching this anime though, keep in mind that this series has a bunch of episodes. Bleach has over 300 episodes, so it would be a commitment if you decide to continue the show after season one. Before you start watching, I will warn you that all 300 episodes aren’t required to understand Bleach’s overall plot. Certain arcs relate to the plot while other arcs are fillers. Some of the filler arcs are very entertaining as well though.

Even though Bleach has over 300 episodes, it DOES NOT capture the entire manga. If I remember correctly, the anime stops right before the final arc in the manga.

Another thing, the early graphics and drawings of Bleach are horrible (but not Dragon Ball Z horrible). If you stick it out past the first season though, I promise that the graphics and drawings get MUCH better.

That’s all I have to say about Bleach for now, so go check out this great anime and see what all the hype is about! Till next time…


Are you still watching?

5 thoughts on “Series of the Week: Bleach”

  1. I never got past when they got to the Soul Society to get Rukia (that’s her name, right?). I definitely didn’t have a commitment to keep watching, but I did enjoy the little I saw. I’ve been more of a Cowboy Bebop and Trigun gal. 🤘

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