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Series of the Week: Scandal

I’m bringing you another hit show from Shonda Rhimes.

Scandal is another part of the Thank Goodness it’s Thursday (TGIT) lineup on ABC (if you haven’t heard of this, you’re missing out). It started a few years back with a pilot season of about seven episodes. Mostly Scandal discusses the concept of government corruption as well as government secrets.

It primarily follows a successful businesswoman by the name of Olivia Pope in Washington D.C.. She creates a crisis-management firm for various politicians in D.C. as well as other governing bodies in the United States. She protects these political figures from various scandals like being murder suspects or affair accusations. She initially started this firm to leave behind her own scandalous life though. She can’t run too far from her dirty secrets though when the primary one resides in the White House.


Even though Pope created the crisis management agency, she doesn’t do it by herself. She has employed a staff of trained individuals whom she has met throughout her life, and she calls them her Gladiators. These gladiators have various skills as a group. They are known for hacking, interrogating, and other illegal means. They do anything to make sure that Pope and her clients are protected from any kind of harm, like the media or assassins (because why not).

Before Pope created her crisis-management firm though, she was the media consultant for President Fitzgerald Grant. She left that job because of personal reasons though, (Let’s just say she wasn’t only his consultant for media) but she still has close ties to people within the White House as well. So if you are interested in learning about the different possibilities of government corruption or just like a really good political drama, then Scandal is the show for you.


Like other Shonda Rhimes’s shows, Scandal covers controversial topics. It brings up relevant news stories like the Trayvon Martin case or the Martha Stewart controversy. Nonetheless, it’s a great show overall to watch with friends. If you watch Grey’s Anatomy or HTGAWM ,then Scandal is right down your alley.

Check out the complete 5 seasons on Netflix and watch the latest episodes on Hulu!

Until next time…

Are you still watching?

4 thoughts on “Series of the Week: Scandal”

  1. I LOVE Olivia Pope. I secretly wish to be her. I started Scandal a long time ago up until the last episode of Netflix (can’t remember which season), and seriously regret not keeping up with it. I’ll have to re-watch it!

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