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Movie of the Week: Zootopia

Today, I’m bringing you the hit animated film from Disney Zootopia.

Zootopia is not the typical animated film from Disney though. It isn’t overloaded with singing (because sometimes there is more singing than dialogue). It also goes beyond the issue of finding true love. Zootopia tackles the hard-hitting ideas of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.

Zootopia follows Judy Hopps, a bunny from Bunnyburrow who dreams of being a top cop in the Zootopia Police Department. Because she is a bunny though, she is faced with adversity. Bunnies were depicted as weak, cute and fluffy animals to the public therefore other animals believed that they weren’t cut out for the tough jobs like firefighting or crime fighting.

Hopps, however, worked her hardest to make it to the police academy. She worked so hard that she became the top graduate of her class. As the top of her class, she had proved herself to others that she was a capable cop, right? Wrong!


As soon as she was sent to the Zootopia Police Department, they gave her the job of giving parking tickets. Giving parking tickets wasn’t that big of a deal to the cops, but Hopps went above and beyond for it. Everyday she either met or even exceeded her quota for parking tickets. During one of her rounds of giving parking tickets though, she meets Nick Wilde.

As a red fox, Wilde already had a bad reputation in Zootopia. Foxes were seen as manipulative and conniving animals therefore Wilde decided to live up to that expectation. He saw no reason to prove other people wrong until he met Hopps.

At first, Wilde had tried to con Hopps, but he underestimated her. Hopps tricked him into helping her with one of her cases. To prove herself as a cop, Hopps had decided to take on an unsolved missing persons case from the police department.


The missing person’s case, however, revealed a bigger, more diabolical scheme going on behind the scenes in the city of Zootopia.

That’s it for today! As you all know, I don’t do spoilers about the movies or series. If you want to fill in the missing spaces, go check out Zootopia as soon as possible. It’s available on Netflix, and it’s only 1 hr 40 min. long. Until next time though…

Are you still watching?

5 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Zootopia”

  1. Zootopia is such a good movie! I love that it’s really cute but also carries an empowering message that anyone can do anything they set their mind to! Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If I’m not mistaken Zootopia won best animated film for 2016! Great reccomendation. I still have had a chance to see it, but this post and everyone’s positive feedback is compelling me to go see this!


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