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Movie of the Week: Brotherly Love

If you want a short heart filled film then look no further than Brotherly Love.

Brotherly Love takes place at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia. It primarily focuses on the struggles of three siblings. These three siblings go by the names of Jackie, Sergio and June. 

Jackie, Sergio and June come from a tough family background. Their father passed away at a young age. To deal with her pain from losing her husband, their mother turned to drugs.

Without a strong father and mother figure present in their household, June, the oldest of the three, took matters into his own hands to provide for his family. June started working in the streets and sooner than later, he began running those very streets. He monitored the drug scene as well as the gang activity in that area.


Things escalated when a mysterious shooting happens, and it creates tension between gangs in the area. June, however, tries to resolve the tension to the best of his ability. While all of this drama is happening in the streets though, Sergio and Jackie tried to focus on school.

Sergio was involved with the streets like his older brother June, but he was also the star basketball player at Overbrook High School. Because he had a bright future with basketball, June tried to push him away from the streets and more towards athletics and academics. Sergio, however, only knew how to provide for himself through the means of the streets.

Jackie, on the other hand, wasn’t too heavily involved with streets like her brothers. She knew about it, but she didn’t participate in it. She was more focused on starting her music career than anything else. She got closer to that dream when she met Chris Collins.


Collins was more than just a pretty face though. He turned her whole life upside down. When Jackie got involved with him, she had a rude awakening by the hard cold streets.

Brotherly Love is currently available on Netflix. It’s about an hour and a half, but it’s definitely worth the watch. Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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