Movie of the Week: Go Figure

Disney Channel releases great movies all the time, but I swear people sleep on the best ones!

Go Figure is one of the most underrated Disney channel movies in my opinion (Almost up there with the Zenon and Cheetah Girl movies). It’s such an empowering film for girls.  Because it doesn’t have much of the musical aspect though, it’s looked down upon. 

Go Figure follows a talented figure skater by the name of Katelin Kingsford. Since she was young, Katelin has dreamed of being a champion. In order to reach that status though, she knew she had to be trained by the best.

During one of her competitions, she is scouted by a famous Russian figure skating coach. The coach, however, comes from an expensive boarding school that Katelin’s parents can’t afford. Because Katelin wanted the opportunity to be trained by one of the best figure skating coaches though, she accepts a sports scholarship for the women’s hockey team.


Katelin thought balancing figure skating, hockey and school would be a piece of cake, but she was in for a rude awakening. Katelin faced adversary from her hockey teammates as well as another competing figure skater at her school. She felt all alone in boarding school without her parents.

Everything seemed like too much for Katelin to handle until she confided in her family and friends. They offered her with enough support and advice that made her attitude and behavior change about everything.

Go Figure is currently available on Hulu, and it’s about an hour and a half. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do. Until next time though…

Are you still watching?

2 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Go Figure”

  1. I think I actually remember watching this movie! I do remember thinking that it was a pretty good movie, but then again I think I’ve seen most of the older Disney movies like this one. By the way if you like the main actor in this, Jordan HInson, then you should check out Eureka!


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