Movie of the Week: The Cheetah Girls

Before High School Musical or a Camp Rock was even thought of, The Cheetah Girls existed.

The Cheetah Girls is probably my all time favorite Disney Channel Original Movie. I remember singing their songs in school talent shows and buying barbie dolls that looked like the main characters. I even bought the original soundtracks as well as the karaoke versions. I was truly obsessed with The Cheetah Girls franchise, but those movies made me such a happy child.

Now that I am older, whenever I watch The Cheetah Girls, I see  this movie goes beyond just the soundtrack.  The movie talks about topics like friendship and familial love and even self love.

The Cheetah Girls takes place in Manhattan, NY and follows Galleria, Dorinda, Chanel and Aqua. These four have been the best of friends since they were younger. Their friendship strengthened over the years because of their mutual love for music.


Their love of music motivated them to start their own singing group, and they worked hard to make themselves known throughout their community. The movie starts off with the girls performing at a birthday gig for one of the neighborhood kids. During the performance though, a few mishaps take place. The few mishaps result in an embarrassing fall in front of the kids, and the kids mock them for it afterwards.

With the girls’ spirits broken by the mistakes made during their performance, Galleria encourages them with a pep talk and let’s them know that there will be more opportunities in the future. After the girls’ confidence is restored, they decide to focus on preparing for their school’s talent show.

The girls audition for the talent show and receive a callback for the final show. They become sidetracked, however, when a famous record producer Jackal takes interest in their group. When they first meet Jackal, they are starstruck. The starstruck wears off though, and they start to see that getting into the music industry is tougher than they thought.

There’s a little bit about The Cheetah Girls. I hope that you enjoy the movie as much as I do, and that you understand the bigger life lessons hidden within it. All three movies for this series are currently available on Netflix. Until next time though…

Are you still watching? 

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