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Series of the Week: 13 Reasons Why

Everyone knows that high school kind of sucked, but it doesn’t even compare to Hannah Baker’s crazy sophomore year in 13 Reasons Why.

Even though it’s only been three days since its release, I’ve already finished it. When I was watching this show, I literally could not stop watching episode after episode. It was so addictive.

Thirteen Reasons Why is based off the best selling novel of the same title. Thirteen Reasons Why takes on the difficult topics of mental health, suicide and so much more. The story begins a couple of weeks after Hannah Baker commits suicide.


At this point, everyone is still in shock of the news. Students create a memorial for Hannah at her locker. The schools administrators believe the best reaction to the tragedy involved suicide awareness posters.

The school climate changes, however, when Hannah’s parents file a lawsuit against the school about bullying. The school tries to fight against the lawsuit, but as administrators begin digging deeper into the school’s environment, they start to learn of some of the terrible things that happen on school grounds.


As the lawsuit starts, certain students express worry. Their worry seems ridiculous until mysterious tapes appear on Clay Jensen’s doorstep. Clay worked with Hannah at an old movie theater in town, so they were good friends. When Clay receives the tapes though, he learns that the tapes tell the story of why Hannah decided to commit suicide. Hannah had her friend Tony deliver the tapes to each person included in the story, and Tony helps Clay digest the overload of information on the tapes.

There are seven tapes in total with 13 sides. Each side represents a person, and their story of how he or she influenced Hannah’s decision to commit suicide. When Clay begins listening to the tapes, he hears Hannah’s perspective on her sophomore year. He soon learns that her sophomore year didn’t go as smoothly as it had seemed. Clay continues to listen to the tapes though because he was curious to hear his own.

Alright! There’s a little bit about 13 Reasons Why. It is currently available on Netflix and hopefully it will get renewed for a second season because the finale leaves viewers with a bunch of unanswered questions. If you have any series or movies you believe I should check out, just leave a comment below! Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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