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Movie of the Week: Camp Rock

I’ve already mentioned High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls. It was only a matter of time before I brought up Camp Rock.

Even though I prefer the music in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, the first movie left more of an impact on viewers. In the first movie, you truly understand the characters as well as their backgrounds. The message in Camp Rock is also about accepting yourself for who you truly are and not being afraid to share that with the world.

Camp Rock is about a summer music camp that teaches teens a variety of musical skills. These musical skills include dancing, singing and producing. Any teen who wants to make a name for themselves in the music industry typically start off at Camp Rock.

Mitchie Torres is one of those ambitious teens. When she first presents the idea of going to Camp Rock to her parents, they shut her down, telling her that the camp is too expensive. Her parents change their mind when Mitchie’s mom’s catering business gets an opportunity to cater at Camp Rock. Because of her mom cooking for the camp, Mitchie gets to go to Camp Rock at a discount rate and learn the necessary skills to be a successful music career. Mitchie soon learns that Camp Rock and the music industry is much harder to navigate than she thought.


Camp Rock, however, gets an unusual visitor this summer. Shane Gray, a famous pop star in the band Connect 3, comes back to his roots at Camp Rock. He hits it big after creating Connect 3 at Camp Rock, but the stardom becomes too much for him. He starts acting out in front of the media. To get him refocused and back to normal, his band mates in Connect 3 decide to leave him stranded at Camp Rock for the summer. While at Camp Rock, he is supposed to teach the dance class to students and perform with the winner at Final Jam.


They believed that Shane would find his love for music again by coming back to Camp Rock. While he’s at Camp Rock though, he discovers a beautiful voice from an anonymous girl. This provokes him to search for the girl with “the voice.”

Camp Rock is available on Netflix! If you need a feel good movie with good music, look no further than Camp Rock! Don’t forget to leave a comment about your experience with Camp Rock or recommend me about other feel good movies available on Netflix or Hulu. Until next time…

Are you still watching?

6 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Camp Rock”

  1. I watched this film back when I was in love with the Jonas Brothers and adored the film. My youth pastor back in Missouri even photoshopped me into an image of the JoBros from Camp Rock (it’s only a little embarrassing). I need to watch the second one again, but I really love the music in the first one. Great film!


  2. my favorite songs are in this movie! play my music that they sing when they first arrive at camp is my favorite song from all the movies. I was obsessed with the Jonas Brother for the longest especially Nick ( still am low-key still obsessed with him)


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