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Movie of the Week: Burning Sands

Joining a fraternity or sorority takes dedication and hard work. Burning Sands shows you exactly how hard that process can be for some.

Burning Sands takes place at the Fredrick Douglas University. It focuses on five guys working hard to get initiated into a black fraternity named Lambda Lambda Phi. As pledges, they’re very excited about joining the brotherhood and getting the benefits such as the parties and the sorority girls.  

From the beginning though, they realize that the whole process is mentally and physically challenging.

Burning Sands

The pledges are sworn to secrecy and silence. After making that promise though, the hazing process begins. Hazing is a common part of pledging for Greek Life. Soon into the movie though, you realize that the hazing for this fraternity goes a little too far some times.

In the beginning of hazing, the men of Lambda Lambda Phi try to break the pledges spirits. They do this, so that they can mold them into great and honorable men of Lambda Lambda Phi. In simpler terms, it builds character. The physical and mental abuse takes a toll on some.

Burning Sands

This is nothing compared to the infamously known Hell Week for Lambda Lambda Phi pledges.

During Hell Week, the pledges are basically ripped from their everyday lives and forced to live, love and learn what it means to be a man of Lambda Lambda Phi fraternity. The pledges are forced to partake in different activities that typically go against religious beliefs, values, and morals. These pledges, however, are willing to do whatever it takes to become a member of the Lambda Lambda Phi fraternity.

Even though their dedication is admirable, not all pledges necessarily make it to the point to be able to call themselves men of Lambda Lambda Phi fraternity.

There’s a small synopsis of Burning Sands. It is currently available on Netflix and has well known actors from award winning movies like 12 Years a Slave and Moonlight.

DISCLAIMER: Everything in this movie is not true of all fraternities and sororities. Some things are made more dramatic to appeal to the audience. These scenarios CAN happen in real life, but they don’t necessarily ALWAYS happen in real life. Please keep an open mind when watching this film!

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