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Movie of the Week: The Perfect Date

Hello, fellow bingers!

If you’re new to the Daily Binge, welcome to the exciting world of binge-watching! This week I will be reviewing The Perfect Date who stars Laura Marano and Noah Centineo. Before we dive into this review, this review will not contain any spoilers for the movie. Everything stated here is my opinion, and you are free to disagree with it.

The Perfect Date follows high school students, trying to discover themselves and fall in love all before graduation. This plot focuses on awkward school dances and college applications that come with the senior year of high school. In my opinion, the plot didn’t really bring anything new to pop culture as a whole. It was easy to follow from start to finish and was a nice way to de-stress during finals week. Marano’s character though wasn’t your typical female lead.

She was sarcastic and cynical at times. She didn’t put on a facade for anyone, and that made her character more endearing to me. Her acts of kindness throughout the movie also added more depth to her character too. Centineo’s character, on the other hand, was very superficial.

I understand that the superficialness was the point of the plot, but sometimes, it was more off-putting than entertaining. His scenes were tolerable whenever he was on screen with his co-stars. He’s really good at building chemistry with his fellow actors. His acting in this movie didn’t give me butterflies like his performance in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before though.

Overall, the movie wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen, but it wasn’t the best thing either. If you want to look at a bunch of solo shots of Noah Centineo, then go ahead and watch this movie. If you’re searching for heartwarming romance though, this probably isn’t the movie for you.

That’s all for now, but you can find The Perfect Date, streaming now on Netflix.

Comment below to let me know how you felt about The Perfect Date.

Until next time…

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