The Origins of The Daily Binge

The Origins of this Blog

This blog was originally created in 2017 during my first semester as a Media and Communications major. It was originally an assignment about creating a blog about a specific topic that I was passionate about, but during that time, I wasn’t too passionate about anything. College felt like an overwhelming burden I had to constantly deal with, and at that time, I hadn’t been officially diagnosed with depression.

Despite feeling all of this negative energy, I still had to complete the assignment. Rather than letting a passion fuel my topic decision though, I let a daily habit guide my decision-making process. That daily habit had just so happened to be binge-watching TV shows and movies on streaming sites. By selecting this topic, there wasn’t any disruption to my everyday life, and the shows and movies I watched gave me a break from life. I guess you could say that I used binge-watching as a way to cope with my mental health issues. The writing and reflecting on the content that I watched really helped devour and understand the art of storytelling.

Now that I’ve graduated though and took some time to myself. I want to revitalize this blog and provide authentic reviews of TV shows and movies that I’ve watched over the years. I also want to receive more recommendations from readers about what to add to my watch list. So strap yourself in, The Daily Binge is about to begin again. Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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