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Series of the Week: Carmen Sandiego

Fans of Kim Possible are going to love this show!

This week I am bringing you a cartoon for everyone in the family. It goes by the name of Carmen Sandiego. I have never seen the previous series, so I will not be comparing this one to it. If you are into badass female leads, action-packed fight scenes, and catchy theme songs then this show is for you.

Our protagonist is Carmen Sandiego, a famous thief who loves the color red. Carmen isn’t just your average thief though. Since she was a child, she trained at an academy called VILE that known for training thieves. She was the youngest student there, but she became the best.


While studying there, she realized that being a thief did more harm than good. She didn’t like the person that the academy was trying to make her become therefore she fled. After fleeings the academy though, she still wanted to make herself useful. She used the skills that she learned at the academy to stop VILE from committing any more crimes and to stop other thieves from stealing important artifacts or chemicals. At the end of the day, you can consider Carmen a super thief.

A super thief can’t do all of this alone though. She is mainly assisted by Player, a super-smart/tech-savvy teenager. When in need of physical backup though, she relies on the twins Ivy and Zack to aid her.

Carmen’s job gets a little more complicated when the International Police gets involved. How can she stop VILE while evading the police? You’ll have to check out the show to see what happens.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Carmen Sandiego are available on Netflix. A movie for the show will also be coming out later this year. Leave comments and share your feelings about Netflix’s adaptation of Carmen Sandiego. Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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