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Series of the Week: Hyperdrive

If you like American Ninja Warrior or cars, Hyperdrive is the next show you need to be watching.

It was sometime last year that I discovered Hyperdrive with my two best friends, and we instantly fell in love with this show. I’m pretty sure this is the 1st reality TV show I ever watched on Netflix, too. Like good reality TV though, it pulled me in.

Hyperdrive is a street racing competition that brings the world’s best street racers (and a few amateur ones) together to compete on crazy obstacle courses. These obstacles not only put the drivers to the test but their cars, too. The contestants’ ages range from late teens to mid-to-late 40 year olds. The contestants are from all over the world too like Japan, Brazil, South Africa, and more.


While you get to see some sick stunts on this show, you really get to know each racer and their history with street racing. For example, one contestant learned how to drift from her father. After learning how to drift like a boss, she used that skill to help earn money for her family. On the other hand, some contestants got into street racing to break the stereotype that only men could be street racers.

Back stories and conviction like that really made the show stand out against others. Sure, people are competing for the title of the best street racer in the world, but to some drivers, drifting is their life. To them, street racing isn’t just fun and games, it’s their purpose in life.


Even though some racers are super passionate about street racing and drifting, some people are just there for clout. For example, there is a contestant who uses a Lamborghini during each round of the competition. Now, everybody with a little car knowledge knows that Lambos are made for speed and not drifting. This man saw this competition as an opportunity to stunt on everybody, and he did just that too. Whenever the opportunity came around, the Lambo did what it needed to do.

Either way, Hyperdrive is a very good show to binge. If you want so see cars do unimaginable things on crazy obstacle courses, then Hyperdrive is the show for you. If you just want to see sexy cars like Lamborghinis, Hyperdrive is once again the show for you. If you just want a fresh new reality TV show to watch, then Hyperdrive is the show for you.

Season 1 of Hyperdrive is currently streaming on Netflix, and hopefully, a second season is on the way. Until next time though…

Are you still watching?

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