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Revisiting the Purpose of The Daily Binge Blog

During this time of quarantine, I’ve had a lot of free time. I’ve stayed up to date with the news. I’ve picked up a couple new hobbies like meditation and learning Spanish. I’m even taking courses on Skillshare now (highly recommend). In the midst of all of that stuff though, I’ve been thinking about my blog recently, specifically its purpose.

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to accomplish with it… how I could possibly upgrade it… how to grow my audience and what not… So I had a little brainstorming session… and here’s what I discovered.

In my previous post about the purpose The Daily Binge Blog, I felt that I explained the purpose of the blog pretty well in terms of content. I claimed that I was only going to review content that I deemed worthy of a review. I wasn’t going to bash any shows because we’re only doing positive vibes over here. Here at The Daily Binge, I want to create a calm and friendly community for binge watchers. That’s the basic shit though.

In that post, I never explained what differentiates The Daily Binge from other blogs that review TV shows and movies on streaming platforms.

In response to that dilemma, I tried to find an answer. I couldn’t come up with shit! Was this realization devastating? Yes and no. No because I originally created this blog to pass a class in undergrad, and I hadn’t really sat down to think about my blog seriously. Yes, because I wanted this blog to be something more than a sad school project. I want to take my blog to the next level, and now, I have the time to do just that.

In the hopes of improving my blog, I started checking out other blogs. Some that covered the same content as me, and some that didn’t. By doing this research though, I learned how to format my blog better, but I also learned one key insight. All of the blogs similar to mine are reviewing the EXACT SAME shows from Hulu and Netflix.

They are only focusing on the most popular shows on both platforms. They are only focusing on the shows that everyone is already talking about. I don’t want to discredit the quality of these shows either, but in my opinion, popularity doesn’t always equate quality. Just because something isn’t trending doesn’t mean it good quality content. It just wasn’t promoted enough.

With this new knowledge, I’ve decided that I’m not going to review Stranger Things when Season 4 drops. People already recognize how amazing that show is and will follow it until the series ends. My blog isn’t going to change anything for them. They’re fine.

I’m also not going to review The Handmaid’s Tale either. Not only because it’s popular, but I also don’t watch it. That show, nonetheless, already has a following. My blog isn’t going to impact its success in any way.

I CAN use my blog to promote the lesser known shows and movies on these platforms though. I can find the hidden gems on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms that nobody is talking about.

So if you’re looking for a basic blog to review already successful TV shows and movies from Netflix and Hulu, this blog isn’t for you.

If you want to fanboy and fangirl over already popular, established TV shows, then this blog isn’t for you.

If you’re interested in the fresh, underrated, and engaging content available to you through streaming platforms, then this blog IS for you.

Here at The Daily Binge Blog, I’m rooting for the underdogs on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming platforms, specifically their hidden gems. So stay tuned for the next blog post because I’m bringing fresh content to a television near you.

Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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