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Series of the Week: Dollface

Dollface is for anyone looking for a fresh comedy about heartbreak, friendship, and self-discovery. If you’re into shows like Jane the Virgin and New Girl, then you will definitely enjoy Dollface.

Before Watching


Breakups are always hard.

What do you do when you’re fresh out of a relationship that you dedicated your entire life to? You spent years with this person, and you honestly imagined marrying them in the future… But now all of that is a dream.

Is there some kind of manual on how to get over breakups? Is this situation as hopeless as it sounds? You somehow survived without this person before, but now it all seems impossible? Maybe, you need to start looking at life before this relationship. That, at least, is what Jules decided to do.

Character Profiles

Main Characters: Our 4 leading ladies with wide-ranging problems.

  • Jules: Adult Female
    • Personality: Introverted; Timid
    • Current Struggles: Getting over her recent breakup; Rekindling broken friendships
    • Likes: Staying at home
    • Dislikes: Letting her friends down; Crowded places
  • Madison: Adult Female; Asian
    • Personality: Extroverted; Perfectionist
    • Current Struggles: Balancing her friendships with her love life; Her perfectionism
    • Likes: Helping her friends
    • Dislikes: Being lied to; Being manipulated
  • Stella: Adult Female
    • Personality: Adventurous; Creative
    • Current Struggles: Getting people to see that she’s more than just a pretty face
    • Likes: Trying new things; Helping her friends get out of their comfort zone
    • Dislikes: Being misunderstood; Feeling unheard
  • Izzy: Adult Female
    • Personality: Quirky; Timid
    • Current Struggles: Finding her true self; Finding a group where she feels that she belongs
    • Likes: Having friends; Being included in things
    • Dislikes: Feelings left out/alone

My Opinion

Dollface is probably one of the more underrated Hulu originals I’ve ever seen (People always sleep on Hulu originals though besides The Handmaid’s Tale). I’m not going to lie though. I only started watching this show because I saw familiar faces like Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) and Brenda Song (Suite Life of Zack & Cody). I stayed though because Dollface was putting out content catered to women like me.

Dollface addresses the hardships of adulting in such a comedic yet realistic way. It makes the show more endearing for me. We all know relationships, romantic and non-romantic, are hard to manage. Rather than trying to change all of this at one time, Jules takes it one step at a time.

Jules is a very accurate representation of how crazy a girl’s brains can work right after a breakup. We have the constant fear of ending up alone. We also worry about becoming the weird cat lady that people always talk about. Jules, however, also chooses this time to go on this journey of rediscovering herself. She knows that she survived before the relationship, but she just has to remember how now.

Dollface is the perfect show for a couple of girlfriends to watch together with some wine and discuss later on if they want. It highlights the struggles of making friends as an introverted adult, steps in overcoming heartbreak, and self-discovery.

Stream Dollface

Checkout Season 1 of Dollface on Hulu now! Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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