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Spotlight Saturday #1: One Day at a Time

In celebration of tomorrow being Mother’s Day and the first installment of Spotlight Saturday, I am bringing you a progressive, and family-friendly comedy that stars powerful women.

One Day at a Time follows a family who span across three different generations. You will seem them argue, fall in love, face societal issues, but most of all protect their family. Let me tell you why One Day at a Time is the next show you need to be watching.


Being an American should mean you have complete access to the American dream. That’s just not the case for the Alvarez family. As a Cuban family living in modern-day America, the American dream seems like an impossible feat.

As The Alvarez family navigates life in the United States, they will tackle issues around race, immigration, veteran affairs, and more. One Day at a Time is a necessary show during current political times.


  • Penelope Alvarez: Head of the Household; Elena & Alex’s Mother
    • Personality: Passionate; Outspoken; Confident; Compassionate
    • Current Struggles: Raising two kids on one income; Dealing with her mother; Being a veteran in the United States; Mental & Physical Health
    • Likes: Her family; Helping people; Being a mother; Winning
    • Dislikes: Being disrespected; Anyone who tries to hurt her family
  • Lydia Riera: Abuelita; Penelope’s mother
    • Personality: Confident; Outspoken; Flirty; Funny; Energetic; Extrovert
    • Current Struggles: Being a widow; Immigration status; Family issues
    • Likes: Her late husband; Her family; Being right; Her appearance; Being Cuban
    • Dislikes: Being disrespected
  • Elena Alvarez: Penelope’s daughter
    • Personality: Confident; Outspoken; Intelligent; Introvert
    • Current Struggles: Self identity; Understanding her Latin culture; Oppression in many forms; Daddy issues
    • Likes: Fighting oppression; Helping people; Being an activist
    • Dislikes: The Patriarchy; Misogynistic tendencies; Trump
  • Alex Alvarez: Penelope’s son
    • Personality: Confident; Athletic; Outspoken; Extrovert
    • Current Struggles: Daddy issues; Racism; Bullying
    • Likes: His looks; Other attractive people; His family
    • Dislikes: Being disrespected; People who hurt his family
  • Schneider: Penelope’s landlord
    • Personality: Quirky; Compassionate; Funny
    • Current struggles: Daddy issues; Immigration status; Understanding what it means to have a family
    • Likes: The Alvarez family; Being rich; Being included
    • Dislikes: Being left out or isolated


My friend Mykala recommended One Day at a Time to me during my senior year of undergrad, and I don’t know how I would’ve survived my last semester without it. This show was my mental break from classes and work. It was the perfect blend of education and entertainment.

I personally love learning about new cultures, and I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about Latin culture until I watched this show. Like shows typically only focus on Quinceanaras when it comes to Latin culture, but there’s so much more to explore beyond that significant celebration.

The placement of political topics within this show is amazing too. In each episode, they tackle difficult conversations like gun rights, veteran affairs, gender equality, and more. If you aren’t comfortable with being uncomfortable, then this show probably isn’t something for you. If you aren’t open to changing your opinion after learning new information from this show, then you probably shouldn’t be watching this show. If you aren’t open to your current view on life being challenged, then this show isn’t something for you.

If you are interested in watching a realistic story that celebrates diversity, intersectionality, and authenticity, then One Day at a Time is definitely something you should watch.

Netflix really messed up by letting go of this show, but you can still enjoy this hidden gem while it is still on their platform.


You can find Seasons 1-3 of One Day at a Time on Netflix. Until next time though…

Happy Mother’s Day and

Are you still watching?

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