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Spotlight Saturday #2: High School Musical: The Musical The Series

This post has been sitting in the draft box for too long. Since it is the one year anniversary for this show though, I believe it is time to share this masterpiece with you!

If you loved the High School Musical franchise, then you will appreciate this show’s tribute to the original.

If you like The Office or Glee, elements of this show will appeal to you as well.

Let me introduce you to the Disney+ Original series High School Musical The Musical: The Series!

Things to Know before watching HSMTMTS


Everyone knows that High School Musical is a legacy in itself. From the singing, the dancing, and the cute boys, High School Musical was iconic from 2006 to 2009.

When you attend the same school used in the movies, and your drama club decides to perform the musical adaptation, landing the lead is a dream come true.

For some students, performing on the big stage is the end goal. While others worry about the future, some are more focused on the present.

Some students just want to make their parents proud while others worry about their love lives. High school wouldn’t be high school without a little bit of drama though.

Character Profiles:

Main characters: Our 4 main characters who audition for the leads in the High School Musical play.

  • Ricky: White Male
    • Personality: Emotional; Timid
    • Current Struggles: Winning Nini back; Parental issues
    • Likes: Nini; Skateboarding; Complacency
    • Dislikes: Change
  • Nini: White Female
    • Personality: Passionate; Insecure
    • Current Struggles: Self confidence; Breakup with Ricky
    • Likes: Acting, Singing, Ricky, E.J.
    • Dislikes: Rejection; Overlooked
  • E.J.: White Male
    • Personality: Arrogant; Secretive
    • Current Struggles: Relationship with Nini; Lying
    • Likes: Nini; Being the best; People Pleasing
    • Dislikes: Being second best
  • Gina: Black Female
    • Personality: Confident; Anxious
    • Current Struggles: Making friends
    • Likes: Dancing; Making Friends; Being the best
    • Dislikes: Change; Being second best

Side Characters: Other people who are either involved in the play production or a part of the high school culture.

  • Miss Jenn: The new drama teacher who is more excited about this production of HSM than anyone else.
  • Ashlyn: E.J.’s cousin who serves as his confidant whenever he needs help.
  • Carlos: The main choreographer for the production.
  • Big Red: Ricky’s best friend who gets dragged into the drama club.
  • Kourtney: Nini’s best friend who becomes the costume designer for the production.
  • Mr. Benjamin: The teacher over robotics club who is not a fan of the drama club.

My Opinion of HSMTMTS

I have always been a huge fan of HSM since it first came out in 2006. I still listen to the soundtrack occasionally (HSM 2 soundtrack is superior, and it is not to be debated).

Like others huge fans, I was kind of skeptical about this show in the beginning.

This show was the first thing I watched on Disney+ after I got it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The vocal performances are outstanding because they sing most of the songs live within the show. From the original songs to the covers of HSM songs, the cast performs them live for the most part.

This ensemble of performers is more vocally trained than the original cast of HSM, and it shows. I’m excited to hear more from them in future seasons. You should also stream “Wondering” and “Born to be Brave” because they are absolute bops!

In addition to amazing vocals, this is just a wholesome feel good show. This show doesn’t try to become HSM. It takes on a story of itself while paying tribute to the movies. This is exactly how spin-offs should go.

If you are looking for a show to fill a gap that Glee left after it concluded, then HSMTMTS is for you.

If you want to see how the wildcat spirit lives on through these new characters, then HSMTMTS is for you.

Hell, if you are just looking for a bomb ass show to watch on Disney+ then HSMTMTS is for you!

Where can you watch HSMTMTS

Streaming Service: Disney+

Check out Season 1 of High School Musical The Musical The Series on Disney+ today! They were renewed for a season two, so that will be in the works after COVID leaves…

Until next time though…

Are you still watching?

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