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Spotlight Saturday #4: Daybreak

Author Note: Don’t mind the different formats on these posts. Some of these posts are hella old, and I forgot about them. While others are fresher and have a cleaner layout. The same content is being shared for each show/movie. I’m just trying to get a feel of how many headers and what colors feel right on these posts. Feedback would be deeply appreciated.

TLDR: Varying formats on recent uploads because these blog posts have been sitting in my draft section for months. They all look a lil bit different. Still good content though.

In this installment of Spotlight Saturday, I am bringing you an unappreciated and damn near invisible Netflix original called Daybreak!

What you need to know before watching?

This show originally came out in late 2019 but was cancelled because Netflix hates shows that don’t revolve around sex… I also might have been the only person to watch this show because no one ever talks about it. Just because people aren’t talking about it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good though.

It was a breath of fresh air compared to the other content that Netflix produced in 2019. Think of Daybreak as 2019’s The Society. Both have a great plot and season one left us with a huge cliffhanger. Neither shows will see a Season 2 though…

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, Riverdale, or even anime, you will definitely enjoy Daybreak. Let me tell you why.


Imagine living an average life as a high schooler. You’re a nobody, but you are somehow dating the most popular girl in school. Life seems pretty good. That was Josh Wheeler’s life until, a bomb hit the football field during a football game one Friday night.

After that bomb hit, nothing was the same. All of the adults had turned into mindless, flesh eating zombies. The only thing they could say was the last though they had before dying too. On top of that mess, now the jocks rule the town. The high school hierarchy has now bled into real life, and your average high school experience is now over. Welcome to a present-day zombie apocalypse!

Character Profiles

Main Characters: The main story & the side stories revolves around these people.

  • Josh Wheeler: White Male Teenager
    • Personality: Relaxed; Self-sufficient
    • Current Struggles: Finding his girlfriend Sam Dean; Avoiding the jocks & zombies
    • Likes: Sam Dean; Staying to himself; Not being the center of attention
    • Dislikes: Being the center of attention; Being away from Sam for too long; Being a leader
  • Sam Dean: White Female Teenager
    • Personality: Intelligent & Ambitious
    • Current Struggles: Perfectionism; Being controlled
    • Likes: Josh Wheeler; Being in control; The center of attention
    • Dislikes: Turbo/Jocks
  • Wesley Fists: Black Male Teenager
    • Personality: Calm; A pacifist
    • Current Struggles: Being a calm pacifist during a post-apocalyptic world; his feelings for Turbo
    • Likes: Being a samurai; Turbo; Keeping his friends safe & together
    • Dislikes: The violence after the bomb
  • Angelica: White Female; Age 10 (maybe?)
    • Personality: Vocal; Violent
    • Current Struggles: Finding a group that she fits in with
    • Likes: The sense of belonging; Her mom; Josh; Ms. Crumble
    • Dislikes: Change; Being away from her mom; Being away from her friends

In-between characters: These characters aren’t exactly main character criteria, but they aren’t as irrelevant as the side characters are.

  • Ms. Crumble: An adult who has lost her mind after the bomb dropped. Before the bomb, she was a high school teacher.
  • Michael Burr: The principal of the high school who aims to create a safe learning environment for his students. His whereabouts after the bomb remain unknown.
  • Eli: An annoying kid in high school who didn’t have too many friends in high school. Now his luck with friends seems to be changing.

Side characters: These characters are included in side stories or serve as antagonists.

  • Turbo: The captain of the football team before the bomb. After the bomb, he is the “vocal” leader of the jocks.
  • Mona Lisa: The only female on the football team. After the bomb, she serves as Turbo’s assistant to keep the jocks in order.


When I first started watching Daybreak, I didn’t know what to expect. I used to be a big fan of The Walking Dead, so I’m cool with zombies and stuff. I just never considered how teenager/kids would react to that issue without adult guidance. Daybreak gave a pretty accurate presentation of what could happen though.

Daybreak reminds me of a Shonen anime in terms of story and dramatic scenes. For example, Josh is on a quest to find his girlfriend, Sam Dean. While on this journey though, he acquires friends along the way that help him get out of stick situations with the jocks. The only anime component that is really missing is that Josh didn’t want to be the best person in society or whatever.

Josh is a pretty simple protagonist, kind of like Archie Andrews from Riverdale. Josh’s simplicity/averageness is what makes him so endearing to people though. He did a lot while trying to find Sam Dean, and he didn’t let minor setbacks deter him from his goal. His perseverance is one of the reasons he becomes the face of a rebellion.

Sometimes being average is the best case scenario in certain situations.


Checkout Season 1 of Daybreak on Netflix! Fuck you ,Netflix, for not giving this show the Season 2 that it deserved! Until next time…

Are you still watching?

*I do not own the rights of any images or videos shared in this blog post.

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