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Spotlight Saturday #5: Lucifer

If the name is off putting for you then I totally understand why you’ve never watched the show, but Lucifer has all of the elements of a pretty damn good television series.


One day the Devil gets bored in Hell, so he decides to spend time with the humans on Earth. He opens up a nightclub in LA to keep things interesting. Things get a little complicated when the King of Hell isn’t doing his job anymore.

Main Character Profiles

  • Lucifer Morningstar: God’s son who was banished from Heaven and sent down to rule Hell as punishment. He’s back on Earth to play now.
    • Personality: Arrogant; Ambitious
    • Current Struggles: Loneliness and being misunderstood
    • Likes: Fulfilling people’s desires and making deals
    • Dislikes: Being controlled
  • Chloe Decker: An established detective for homicide cases. Her father died while he was working as a detective. She is a mother to one and also works with her ex-husband.
    • Personality: Confident; Logical
    • Current Struggles: Lucifer always interfering with cases. Dealing with her never-ending grief over losing her father.
    • Likes: Her daughter, Trixie and catching the right bad guys
    • Dislikes: Being lied to
  • Mazikeen aka Maze: A demon brought up from Hell to serve Lucifer while he is on Earth. She also has a thing for punishment.
    • Personality: Easily agitated; Straightforward
    • Current Struggles: Adjusting to Earth and learning how to make friends.
    • Likes: Violence and sex
    • Dislikes: Humans
  • Linda Martin: She starts off as Lucifer’s therapist. The lines between patient and therapist get blurred very quickly.
    • Personality: Caring; Analytical
    • Current Struggles: Resisting Lucifer’s advances and being the therapist too various Biblical beings.
    • Likes: Helping people
    • Dislikes: Surprises
  • Amenadiel: Lucifer’s older brother who is given the task to get him back down to Hell to do his job.
    • Personality: Rule abider; Manipulative when necessary
    • Current Struggles: Convincing Lucifer to go back down to Hell.
    • Likes: Being God’s favorite son and doing his Father’s will
    • Dislikes: Disappointing his Father


My binging experience with Lucifer is a little different because I started watching it on Hulu. I did my bulk of watching it while it was on Netflix though. When Fox decided to cancel Lucifer, everybody was heartbroken. Netflix picked it up though, and that was a game changer.

My brother said that Lucifer was made to be enjoyed in a binge-watching setting, and I couldn’t agree more. Lucifer reminds me of like a funky combination of Supernatural and Law and Order: Criminal Intent, but it’s not that serious. The Easter eggs from the Bible take it to another level though.

I am not a very religious person, but it is interesting seeing how Hollywood takes stories and characters from the Bible and place them in present-day times. It’s mostly comedic but interesting to process mentally.

Another thing that I appreciate about Lucifer is that it doesn’t dive into the demonic stuff too much. I typically don’t like that kind of content, but Lucifer doesn’t force it on you too much. It’s like I’m watching a detective show, and the devil just so happens to show up all of the time… on every case.

Plus, you get to see mystical characters like Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Maze take on more human characteristics as they spend more time on Earth. Overall, I think the show is super dope, and I wished that Netflix kept it running for more than 5 seasons.


In conclusion, check out Seasons 1-4 of Lucifer on Netflix! The 5th and final season will be coming some time this year. Until next time…

Are you still watching?

*I do not own the rights of any images or videos shared in this blog post.

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