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Spotlight Saturday #6: Sex Education

If you had a terrible experience with sex education in high school, watch Sex Education. If you are just interested in a fun show about high schoolers navigating sex, then congratulations. Sex Education is just right for you.


Sex Education follows 3 high schoolers with very different college experiences. Otis is an outcast with one best friend and his mother is a sex therapist. Maeve is known as the school slut, but she could careless what people thought of her. Eric is Otis’s best friend but also a social butterfly in the school band.

Even though these three are very different, they come together to run a very successful sex clinic on campus. Because Otis’s mother is a sex therapist, he became an expert on the topic as well. In high school, everyone is very interested in sex, but they don’t really know much about it. This is where Otis comes in. With the help of Maeve and Eric, the word spreads about his expertise in sex. He starts providing students with advice in their sexual relationships which inevitably elevates his status at school. A sex clinic on a high school campus is just a disaster waiting to happen though.

Character Profiles

Main Characters: Our 3 main characters who have your typical high school problems and more.

  • Otis
    • Personality: Timid; Caring
    • Best Friend: Eric
    • Current Struggles: Masturbating; Keeping a low profile while running a sex clinic in high school
    • Likes: Helping people; Maeve
    • Dislikes: His mother being a famous sex therapist; Being the center of attention
  • Maeve
    • Personality: Confident; Resilient
    • Best Friend: Aimee
    • Current Struggles: Being slut shamed; Her dysfunctional family
    • Likes: Making money; Doing her own thing
    • Dislikes: Instability; Drugs & Alcohol
  • Eric
    • Personality: Confident; Extroverted
    • Best Friend: Otis
    • Current Struggles: Being himself in a homophobic, religious family; Being bullied by Adam
    • Likes: Swing band; Himself
    • Dislikes: Being ridiculed for his sexuality

Side Characters: Our characters who support or don’t support our main characters in different ways.

  • Dr. Jean: Otis’s mom who is a famous sex therapist. She is always available for Otis to confide in whenever necessary.
  • Adam: Son of the Dean of Students, but he doesn’t really apply himself at school. He just likes to destroy things.
  • Aimee: Maeve’s best friend who is exploring her sexuality and power as a woman.
  • Jackson: Number one swimmer at the school who is constantly dealing with pressure from his parents.
  • Ola: New girl in town who is also the son Jakob.
  • Jakob: The new mechanic in town.
  • Mr. Groff: Dean of Students and Adam’s dad who wants things always done his way. He might be a little sexphobic.


I started watching Sex Education with a group of friends in undergrad because we always spent time watching Netflix together. This show, however, was probably the first show besides Black Mirror that had us all interested. The main characters have their main issues, but then you even dive into the issues of side characters.

The side characters aren’t just backdrops for the main characters in this series. They have more suubstance to them, and you learn quite a bit about every character. This character development doesn’t feel overwhelming though.

The impressive character development is what keeps me watching this show. It’s damn good writing, but the characters feel like people I knew back in high school. I also appreciate the diversity within the cast and the plot. It doesn’t feel forced like some shows. Race and sexuality doesn’t seem like a big deal in this show, and I love that.

Like I mentioned before, if you didn’t get a good sex education in high school, this show can teach you some stuff. If you just want a fresh Netflix original with good writing though, Sex Education can give you that too. Some people let the name deter this from the show, but I promise you that Sex Education won’t disappoint.


You can check out Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix now! Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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