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Thought Provoking Thursdays #1: Explained

In the first installment of Thought Provoking Thursdays, I am bringing you Explained, a docuseries on Netflix that explores different topics in today’s society.

Disclaimer: Thought Provoking Thursdays is for my documentary lovers. I do not always watch documentaries, so I cannot promise that there will be a new post every month. These posts will become available whenever I find good documentaries to review!


From weed to the stock market, Explained dives into complex topics with experts in the field. From the history of topics to present day usage or existence, Explained breaks down critical topics in short 20-30 minute episodes. If you’re interested in a variety of topics, they have them. After doing a deep dive on topics, each episode leaves you with a critical question just to keep you thinking.


I found this docuseries in late 2019 on accident. I can’t tell you what he first episode it was that I watched was, but I know that watching at least one episode before bed turned into a routine for me.

Sometimes I would have an episode play while I was taking a shower or while I did dishes. The show could easily double as a podcast if Netflix wanted it to. It’s just nice bite size educational content for everyone, and you don’t have to watch every episode. You can just watch the shows focused on topics that you are interested in. That’s what I did at least.

If you are a fan of Emma Stone (she narrates the show), this series for you.

If you are into educational shit or interested in bringing educational shit into your life, this series is for you.

Education can be fun, and life is more fulfilling when you choose to be a lifelong learner.


Two Seasons of Explained are currently available on Netflix. You can also find the spin-off shows (The Mind Explained, Coronavirus Explained, and Sex Explained) on Netflix too.

Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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