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Spotlight Saturday #7: The Witcher

In honor of Season 2 of The Witcher recently wrapping up, it is only fitting that I FINALLY post my review!

This show right here is for my fans of Game of Thrones and Supernatural. If you’ve played the game that this show is based off of, this show is right up your alley too.

If you’re a simple person like me though, you’re either super interested in monster hunting or Henry Cavill, go ahead and add The Witcher to your list of shows to watch next. Let’s jump right in to this crazy adventure!


Geralt of Rivia is a simple “man.” He hunts monsters for coin, and he beds willing women from time to time. He isn’t the most liked person because of his lineage as a witcher, but no one does his job better than him. People may see him as an abomination, but he is just trying to make a living. His simple life as a witcher is about to change for good when he meets Yennefer of Vengerberg though.

Character Profiles:

Disclaimer: *I do not own the rights of any images or videos shared in this blog post.*

Main Characters: These are the 3 main characters who will get an origin story. You will also follow them on their separate journeys until they come together.

  • Geralt: A Witcher
    • Personality: Emotionless; Goal-oriented
    • Current Struggles: Finding a place where he belongs in a world that hates him
    • Likes: Coin, Sex
    • Dislikes: People
  • Yennefer of Vengerberg: A Sorcerer
    • Personality: Manipulative; Violent
    • Current Struggles: Lack of Motherhood; Lack of Beauty; Her powers
    • Likes: Power; Beauty; Magic; Love
    • Dislikes: Being looked down upon
  • Ciri: A magical child
    • Personality: Timid; Adventurous
    • Current Struggles: Finding protection during the war
    • Likes: Her family and friends
    • Dislikes: Being alone

Side Characters: There are a bunch, but there’s really only one you need to be aware of right now.

Jaskier: An educated poet who becomes one of Geralt’s close friends.


Unlike others, I had no idea The Witcher was based off of a video game. I just started watching it because Henry Cavill is an attractive man. Besides Cavill being a beautiful though, he can also act his ass off.

Before this show, I had only seen him in Man of Steel, and the writing of that film didn’t do him justice. His performance in The Witcher is something to talk about though. He captures the essence of Geralt in such a great way that I can’t imagine anybody else playing this character but him. Cavill also did research on the character outside of the show, and you can tell he is deeply invested in this project.

The writing for this series is also magnificent. In the beginning, I was hella confused. I liked what I was seeing, but the plot was lost on me. I didn’t understand everything until episode 6 I think. I may rewatch it before Season 2 drops, so I don’t get lost again.

I may have been confused for the first half of the show, but it was still engaging. I was still invested in characters, and I wanted to see where they go from here. The monsters that are present in the show are also terrifying which is a nice way to remind you that supernatural beings are the focus of this show.

The time jumps were flawlessly sewn into the series. It kind of felt like a little game for my brain. The origin stories for the main characters are so interesting too. It helps you better understand why certain characters are they way that they are, and that isn’t always guaranteed in shows.

I would highly recommend The Witcher if you love supernatural content. If you just want to unabashedly stare at a beautiful man on TV though, The Witcher is good for you too.


Streaming Service: Netflix

Check out Season 1 of The Witcher on Netflix now before Season 2 drops later this year!

All recommendations are welcomed! From anime to crime documentaries, I watch it all.

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Until next time…

Are you still watching?

Disclaimer: *I do not own the rights of any images or videos shared in this blog post.*

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