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Thought Provoking Thursdays #2: OnlyFans: Selling Sexy


OnlyFans: Selling Sexy follows multiple OnlyFans creators and how they use the site to grow their income and personal brands. If you have never heard of OnlyFans or just want an introduction to it, then this documentary is the perfect choice for you.


I’ve been on a documentary kick recently, so when I saw this documentary on Hulu, I had to check it out. I have never been on OnlyFans, but I know that it blew up like crazy during quarantine. I felt a little out of touch with pop culture because I didn’t really know what OnlyFans was. Now, I feel like I know more about this site than the average people my age. 

I now understand that OnlyFans is a more creative way to sell porn or similar content, but the creators have complete control on their content. They decide how much of their body they want to show as well as the subscription rate, and people just subscribe to what interests them. It’s like a patreon with explicit content.

I honestly see OnlyFans as a smart and safe way to run up the check. Also PSA, sex work is still work and should be valued and respected as other occupations. Working a 9-5 ain’t for everybody, and if OnlyFans is helping you pay the bills and live your best life, then do that shit. 

The sex work has such a negative stigma, but that shit needs to stop. Sex sells, and it will always sell. OnlyFans is just a safer and more accessible option for others.

I’m in no position to judge others, and I’m all about securing the bag by any means at this time in my life. The biggest thing I got from this documentary is that OnlyFans can change your life if you let it. 

Whether you are posing or managing someone’s OnlyFans account, everybody involved can make money if you have a dedicated audience. Some of the people in this documentary were able to achieve their dreams by quitting their everyday jobs to work for themselves while others lost jobs but were still able to stay a float due to OnlyFans.

I’m also not trying to encourage you to drop everything and make an OnlyFans. It’s not that simple. Life does not work like that. I’m just trying to shed light on how people may view OnlyFans as such a negative thing when it has made a positive impact on so many others.

Sex shouldn’t be so looked down upon when it is a natural thing in life.


You can find OnlyFans: Selling Sexy exclusively on Hulu. If you are ready to learn about a new topic, this documentary is the right choice for you!

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