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Movie Mondays #2: Moxie


High school shouldn’t be this hard, but it’s a jungle where athletes are the kings. Teachers are complacent and sometimes offer no real guidance during difficult times.

Who is going to stand up for the underdogs though?

Who is going to make a change for the voiceless?

This task isn’t for the weary. This is a task for somebody with moxie.



  • Strengths: Creative, ambitious
  • Weaknesses: Timid, anxious


  • Strengths: Smart, team player
  • Weaknesses: Anxious, adaptability


  • Strengths: Confident, outspoken
  • Weaknesses: Impulsive


  • Strengths: Supportive, approachable
  • Weaknesses: N/A because he is the best love interest to date on Netflix original films


  • Strengths: N/A
  • Weaknesses: Narcissistic, arrogant


If you have a problem understanding the basic/general concept of feminism, then GTFO.

Moxie is a fresh feminist film who shows how a teenager begins to realize the unfairness and injustices in the world and decides to do something about it. This feminist isn’t as outspoken as most main leads in these movies tend to be though.

Through the lens of a white female, Vivian begins to discover how women are overlooked and unheard in American society. She’s all about tackling the biased school dress code, and the sexist way female athletes are seen as a lesser counterpart to male athletes.

Vivian, however, does not want to completely own up to being the leader of this new feminist wave at her school. She wants to lay low and see the end results. She is a humble yet ambitious main character. Like most main characters though, Vivian is flawed.

She doesn’t recognize that gender issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social injustices. Because she is a white woman, she doesn’t recognize the issues that people of color face as well as how intersectionality plays a major part in compound oppression as well. 

I appreciate how this film checked Vivian’s white privilege through the Asian American characters in her life. For example, Claudia talks about the hard work that her parents had to go through as immigrants and why education is so important. You just have to see this scene to appreciate how tactful it is.

Another plus to this film, is that it gave a chance for lesser known actors to get the spotlight. Besides Amy Poehler, I do not know any of these people. I do know Lauren Tsai because I watched one episode of Terrace House: Aloha State (Apparently, she left an impression on me lol), but besides her, we have fresh diverse faces in this cast. I’m excited to see what other projects these actors take on in the future because their work is looking very promising.

On a scale of 1-10, I’ll give Moxie a solid 8. I will probably never watch it again because I hate rewatching movies (unless it is the Day After Tomorrow). This movie left a lasting impression though. It covered topics that are important to me like social justice issues as well as bullying, and I’m all about diversity in the arts.


Moxie is currently streaming on Netflix at this time, so tell your friends and your family that you have a feminist masterpiece to watch tonight!

All recommendations are welcomed! From anime to crime documentaries, I watch it all.

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Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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