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Let’s Talk #1: Ginny & Georgia!

In our first addition of Let’s Talk, I am going to cover a very popular series on Netflix that everyone is talking about: Ginny & Georgia. Recently, Ginny & Georgia was renewed for Season 2, so I’m going to talk about why this show is amazing as well as why it is not. Feel free to comment below to join in on the discussion!


Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated, especially when communication, transparency, and honesty is not a part of the recipe! While Georgia is just trying to protect her family, Ginny is trying to find a place where she belongs. They can’t seem to stop butting heads since leaving Texas though. Issues from the past are about to come knocking on their door too as they try to start fresh in a new city.

What I Love About Ginny & Georgia:

  • Fast-paced plot and episodes. In every episode, some major plot action happens. There are no wasted minutes in this show. They also intentionally sprinkle in flashbacks of the past to help you better understand characters. Without the flashbacks, Georgia would seem like a horrible mother. They really help to humanize her and the decisions that she makes.
  • The complexity of motherhood is being tackled once again. Since Little Fires Everywhere, I’ve had a very different look on how messy and ugly motherhood can be for women. Georgia is right down that same alley. How can you be a great mother while still catering to your needs of being a woman or an individual? There is only so much sacrifice that a person can take and putting others ahead of yourself can drain you over time. Teenagers also do not make parenting easy either!
  • Touching on the stories of biracial individuals. Now, Ginny might not have been the best daughter, but her experiences as a biracial woman are valid as fuck. She has to play this dangerous balance game of being too white and being too black but still not feeling fully accepted by either communities. While I do not condone all of the decisions that Ginny made in season 1 of this show, all of the shit she said about race was very valid. Also, fuck her teacher for using her as the token black person in his class and then stereotyping her as unintelligent in the beginning.
  • Seeing familiar faces from Degrassi and Schitt’s Creek. Raymond Ablack (Joe), Sara Waisglass (Maxine), and Chelsea Clark (Norah) are all from the newer generation of Degrassi & Degrassi: The Next Class, and Jennifer Robertson (Ellen) from Schitt’s Creek is rocking a new look and personality. I’m so happy that they are still acting because I loved their characters on Degrassi. It’s crazy that Chelsea and Sara are still playing high schoolers even though Degrassi ended a couple years ago. Jennifer low-key reminds me of Lori Loughlin, so I’m not surprised that she is out here doing more roles since Schitt’s Creek.
  • Georgia being a criminal mastermind. I firmly believe that all of the crimes that she committed were to keep her family safe. From her ex-husband being too touchy feely with Ginny and the other one being manipulative, she wasn’t having it. Divorce may have been an easier option, but money may not have been guaranteed. She knew what she was doing, and men tend to underestimate a pretty face!

What I Hate About Ginny & Georgia:

  • These teenagers are MESSY. This love triangle with Ginny, Marcus, and Hunter wasn’t needed, Lord. Everybody involved should’ve been in therapy. Also, MANG can go kick rocks. When I’m talking about toxic friendships, this is one of them. It was cute at first, but then Ginny started wilding out. Everybody in this friend group also needs therapy.
  • The self-harm wasn’t talked about enough. These scenes didn’t happen often, but Abby and Ginny were both doing it. I had never seen those methods before either, and I kind of wanted these two to grow closer so that they can confide in one another. That shit didn’t happen though.
  • Austin needs more screen time. This little kid is so adorable, and he definitely needs to be in therapy too. He also needs another parental figure besides Georgia because she gets sidetracked sometimes.
  • Georgia belongs with Joe, and these other men are fillers. I, like many others, ship Georgia with Joe, our underdog. Plus, he helped her out when she was younger. It was destiny, but Georgia playing games. I think he would also be a great step-dad for Ginny and Austin. He also needs more screen time. Hopefully with a second season (I manifested it lol), this can finally happen.

Those are my thoughts about Ginny & Georgia! What did you think about this Netflix original? What did you love or hate about it? Feel free to comment below.

You can check out season 1 of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix!

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