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Spotlight Saturday #8: Firefly Lane


Friendships are never easy. Through the ups and downs of life, you have to find the right people who will stick with you in the long run. Some friends are seasonal while others are lifelong. Thankfully, Kate and Tully have found that lifelong friendship within each other, and they plan to stay Firefly Lane girls forever. Through this series, we do a deep dive into Kate and Tully’s teen years up until their mid-forties. Womanhood looks different for everybody though.

Characters – Main:

Kate Mularkey:

  • Strengths: Caring, smart, ambitious
  • Weaknesses: Idealistic, timid, adaptability

Tully Hart:

  • Strengths: Ambitious, confident, straightforward
  • Weaknesses: Emotional intelligence, trust, pessimistic

Johnny Ryan:

  • Strengths: Ambitious, purposeful, straightforward
  • Weaknesses: Work/Life balance

Max Brody:

  • Strengths: Caring, honest, loving
  • Weaknesses: Lack of life experience, impulsive

Characters – Side:

Cloud: Tully’s sorry excuse of a mother.

Sean Mularkey: Kate’s older brother who is a little closed off.

Marah Ryan: Kate & Johnny’s daughter who is going through a rebellious stage.


Where do I even start? Firefly Lane was a fucking trip. Tully and Kate are about as different as different can get, but their friendship worked. Tully’s deadbeat mother did a number on her, and  Kate’s family wasn’t the closest.

I guess Kate and Tully worked so well together because they were two young girls looking for love and companionship, and they found it in each other. Firefly Lane can be categorized as a coming-of-age story, but it can also be seen as the various tribulations that a woman can face in her life.

There are so many different things that can impact a woman’s life. From when you decide to start a family or choose a career, a certain level of planning is needed. Because if you don’t plan, your life will pass you by, and you’ll realize that rather than living, you’re just surviving. I feel like this exact message is captured in both Kate’s and Tully’s lives in different ways.

Kate chose family while Tully chose her career yet by the time that they both reach their forties, they started to question if this is really all they wanted out of life. It’s important to have goals and aspirations, but you should always have a backup plan because life does not play fair. 

Life can throw you curveballs back to back, and if you can’t adapt, you’ll get stuck in reactive mode rather than proactive mode. 

On a scale of 1-10, I’ll give Firefly Lane a 9/10 because if they get renewed, I’ll definitely be back for season 2. Plus, the infamous Netflix cliffhanger is unfair. While watching this show, I also felt some sort of connection with Kate and Tully. 

Even though I’m still very young, my 23-year-old brain is very anxious about the future. Seeing Kate and Tully being so unsure about life in their forties really gave me perspective about womanhood, and how this shit is going to get harder and harder as the years go by. I just hope that I am able to adapt as the life difficulty increases.


Season 1 of Firefly Lane is currently streaming on Netflix! Tell your girlfriends that you have a new TV show for y’all to binge together.

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