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Let’s Talk #2: The Society & I Am Not Okay With This!

Fresh teen dramas are very hard to find, but Netflix was doing something special with The Society and I Am Not Okay With This. Plot-wise both of these shows had so much potential, but COVID-19 hit Netflix in a different way therefore they cancelled both shows. 

The Society had an extensive cast, and I Am Not Okay With This may not have done as well as they expected. Despite cancellations, these shows are still a must watch for me!

Let’s Talk about the Plots:

In The Society, a school field trip in a small town is cut short after the bus breaks down. When the teens return back home, they discover that all of the adults are GONE. No teachers, no police, and no parents. 

It sounds like a dream when you’re in high school, but this dream begins to turn into a nightmare when bullies take control. An unfortunate murder takes place that spurs people into action. With no authorities, there are no more rules. Everything is free game. A lawless town with a bunch of teens is a recipe for disaster, but there are many other questions without answers. Where did all of the adults go? Why were only teenagers left in this town? How are we going to survive here if we can’t leave?

I Am Not Okay with This, on the other hand, is about a coming of age story with a twist. Not only is our main character dealing with the everyday issues of high school, she also has to navigate discovering her new superpowers. Her superpowers are a bit more destructive than super strength and mind reading though.

What I Loved about Both Shows:

  • We have fresh new faces of actors. I am tired of seeing the same people in every teen show and movie, but Netflix said here are a bunch of new actors to fall in love with! You’re welcome. The acting was also very good for most of them to be pretty new to the business. I’m excited to see future projects for everyone.
  • The dark themes in these dramas were done right. Murder, death, and rejection are huge parts of these dramas, but it is not as misguided or confusing as Riverdale. It’s amazing what good writing can do for you!
  • All of the characters have depth. Usually shows only put in work to develop main characters, but The Society and IANOWT were like “Nah, you need to understand the best friend and the antagonist as well.” It will always be the character development for me! Sometimes the main character isn’t flawed enough for me to vibe with them, so I need a nice fallback. 
  • Fast-paced plots are kind of rare. I’ve watched a bunch of series where the first three episodes start out slow, but both of these shows just jumped right into chaos. There wasn’t a time of boredom, and it kept me on my toes. It made me excited to watch the next episode as a perfect show for binge-watching should be.
  • Episodes aren’t too long. 30-45 minute episodes are EVERYTHING! The only time I am able to watch almost or over hour-long episodes is for k-dramas and k-dramas only. The only exception to this rule was Bridgerton for good reason (A post is coming soon so be patient).

What I Hate about Both Shows:

  • They were both cancelled due to the pandemic. I’ll never forget when my brother sent me the screenshot about the decision about The Society being reversed due to budget. The same reversal thing happened with IANOWT as well, but it was more hush-hush because it didn’t blow up like The Society did. Either way, both shows deserved better. A second season is necessary because we need ANSWERS.
  • I’m not going to get answers to the cliffhanger endings. I’ll never learn what happened to the parents and how the teens were trapped in that small town. I’ll never see the character development for everyone in The Society. I’ll never see Sydney get trained to better control her powers. I’ll also never see Dina and Sydney get together. It just feels so unfair that these two shows got limited to one season while Riverdale is on Season 5 (No hate to Riverdale, but anything after season 2 was a dumpster fire).

Join the petition to save The Society from cancellation at this link here

Join the petition to save I Am Not Okay with This from cancellation at this link here!

Both shows are streaming on Netflix, and I highly recommend you check them out!

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Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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