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Spotlight Saturday #9: WandaVision & The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

I am no comic book expert, but I, like many other people, have jumped on the superhero bandwagon that has swept up pop culture in the last decade. I originally wasn’t planning to watch WandaVision or The Falcon and The Winter Soldier because I am never on Disney+ (the interface is trash). Since Loki just came out with its first episode on June 9th, it seems fitting to discuss the previous Marvel series that blew up earlier this year.


Life after the blip is a crazy thing. People have different ways of coping with it. Some try to return to a sense of normalcy while others find it harder to move on from the grief and pain of losing a loved one. In WandaVision and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, you take a deep dive into all of these superheroes and how they are trying to navigate this new world after defeating Thanos.

What I Love About Both Shows:

  • Origin stories through series rather than movies. I loved the movies as much as everyone else, but it’s nice to see Marvel try a new approach to further dive into the origin stories of “secondary” characters of the Avengers. I know their run on Netflix didn’t go as well as they had hoped (I’m looking at you Iron Fist), but they came back bigger and better. For example, I didn’t think I would become so invested in Wanda, but here I am grieving with her as well as being amazed by how strong she is. We only saw a glimpse of her power in the previous movies, so seeing how much potential she has in the show is great. I also didn’t care for Falcon or Winter Soldier before the show, but new Captain America was working my nerves. I’m glad that we dived into the complexities of what a black Captain America means. 
  • Character development for Wanda, Sam, and Bucky (I’m not going to include Vision because his personality was heavily influenced by situations created by Wanda. Plus, he was revived, and no one revived is ever the same). Seeing Wanda handle her grief and her temporary happiness with her family isn’t something that we could’ve seen in a 2 hour movie. The plot would’ve been rushed, and we wouldn’t have been able to see the extent of her powers or the complexity of her emotions as well as the history of witches. Sam and Bucky, on the other hand, have great chemistry as a team. They’re like Daffy and Bugs Bunny. They argue sometimes, but they are able to make things work when necessary. These two are hilarious together too. They balance each other out in a good way.
  • Teasing for new characters. Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis, and Jimmy Woo were FANTASTIC in WandaVision, and I can’t wait to see them in more Marvel content in the future (I will honestly be satisfied if both Darcy & Jimmy just pop up in weird superhero situations that have gone wrong). US Agent, also known as John Walker, can go kick rocks lol. It’s a shame that his best friend died, but he fell off the wagon after that. He’s a tad unhinged and shouldn’t be doing any kind of superhero work. I’m not sure if he will return as a villain or hero (I’m not familiar with this character at all), but I do know that this will not be the last of him. The same way that I know Monica will get her own film in the near future. This second “wave” of Marvel is kicking off to a great start with these new characters.
  • Week-to-week schedule. This simple schedule gave me something to look forward to every Friday. It also reminds me of why I previously enjoyed watching shows from week to week. Even though I am a “pro” at binge watching, some shows are a better experience at a slower pace like week to week. Plus this schedule probably helped with Disney+ application traffic. It even caused the app to crash for WandaVision’s final episode. I’m not a fan of the interface, but they have me glued to the screen with the new Marvel TV shows coming out in the next few months.

What I Hate About Both Shows:

  • The writing of the race related scenes. In some of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episodes, the moments pertaining to race felt forced and out of place. We all knew that this conversation would have to take place with Sam taking on the role as Captain America, but I could’ve gone the whole series without the racial profiling scene with the police. That entire scene alone left a bad taste in my mouth. Instead of these scenes, I think they should’ve done a deep dive into Isaiah Bradley and his experience with the super soldier serum. They could’ve extended the series beyond 6 episodes if they had done that. A flashback episode focused on him would’ve been fine.
  • The credits. Why do we have 5-7 minutes of credits every episode? With WandaVision, I thought i was getting 30 minutes worth of content, but it’s really just 20. I swear I blinked, and the show would be over. The credits didn’t seem as long with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but the show was at least 45 minutes every episode so that makes sense.
  • Length of shows. I think they could’ve made WandaVision 45 minutes per episode like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I know the first few episodes were sitcom based, but when we started getting color, we could’ve increased the length of episodes.

You can find both Wanda-Vision and Falcon & The Winter Soldier on Disney+. I highly suggest you check both series out before Loki which just dropped episode one!

Please keep in mind that all recommendations are welcomed! From k-dramas to science fiction movies, I watch it all.

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Until next time…

Are you still watching?

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