About The Daily Binge Blog

Hi! I’m Lexy Barnes, the creator of The Daily Binge Blog.

In the beginning, I created this blog for a course in undergrad, but now as an official content creator, I want to use this platform to engage with fellow binge-watchers.

In this blog, I want to expose readers to underrated shows and movies available on various streaming platforms. Binge watching is my idea of self care or rewarding myself after a hard work day. This might be the case for you too!

To discover the hidden gems online, stay connected with The Daily Binge Blog.

Quotes from My Favorite Shows

Take a bomb to your comfort zone and blow that s**t up.

Dollface (Hulu Original)

You don’t quit when you’re doing God’s work.

Lucifer (Netflix Original)

You had me at ‘dismantling the patriarchy.’


Let’s build something together.