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Spotlight Saturday #9: WandaVision & The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

I am no comic book expert, but I, like many other people, have jumped on the superhero bandwagon that has swept up pop culture in the last decade. I originally wasn’t planning to watch WandaVision or The Falcon and The Winter Soldier because I am never on Disney+ (the interface is trash). Since Loki just… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #9: WandaVision & The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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Spotlight Saturday #7: The Witcher

In honor of Season 2 of The Witcher recently wrapping up, it is only fitting that I FINALLY post my review! This show right here is for my fans of Game of Thrones and Supernatural. If you've played the game that this show is based off of, this show is right up your alley too.… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #7: The Witcher

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Spotlight Saturday #4: Daybreak

Author Note: Don't mind the different formats on these posts. Some of these posts are hella old, and I forgot about them. While others are fresher and have a cleaner layout. The same content is being shared for each show/movie. I'm just trying to get a feel of how many headers and what colors feel… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #4: Daybreak

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Your Quick Guide to Surviving Quarantine 2020

It's only 3 months in, and 2020 is already making me miss 2019. First the helicopter accident, and now this... it's like 2020 is trying to dethrone 2016 as the worst year of the 21st century. Just in case you are unaware of the current situation let me catch you up on life during Big… Continue reading Your Quick Guide to Surviving Quarantine 2020

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Series of the Week: Hyperdrive

If you like American Ninja Warrior or cars, Hyperdrive is the next show you need to be watching. It was sometime last year that I discovered Hyperdrive with my two best friends, and we instantly fell in love with this show. I'm pretty sure this is the 1st reality TV show I ever watched on… Continue reading Series of the Week: Hyperdrive

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Series of the Week: Carmen Sandiego

Fans of Kim Possible are going to love this show! This week I am bringing you a cartoon for everyone in the family. It goes by the name of Carmen Sandiego. I have never seen the previous series, so I will not be comparing this one to it. If you are into badass female leads,… Continue reading Series of the Week: Carmen Sandiego