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I Don’t Feel Like Writing

It's been months since I've been able to write anything for this blog. I have tons of blog posts drafted, but I haven't felt okay enough to publish them. COVID-19 blew up any plans that I may have had in 2020, but that's not the reason why I can't write. I can't write because innocent… Continue reading I Don’t Feel Like Writing

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Update on Previous Blog Posts

As always, streaming platforms remove old content to replace it with new ones. Also, more online streaming apps are becoming more available. I'm mostly referring to Disney+ right now though. Majority of Disney content was available on both Netflix and Hulu FOR YEARS, but now things have changed with Disney+ launching in November of last… Continue reading Update on Previous Blog Posts

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Revisiting the Purpose of The Daily Binge Blog

During this time of quarantine, I've had a lot of free time. I've stayed up to date with the news. I've picked up a couple new hobbies like meditation and learning Spanish. I'm even taking courses on Skillshare now (highly recommend). In the midst of all of that stuff though, I've been thinking about my… Continue reading Revisiting the Purpose of The Daily Binge Blog


The Purpose of The Daily Binge

Welcome back to the Daily Binge! The post for today is just to establish some ground rules for this blog. The Daily Binge is here to give honest reviews about TV shows or films that I deem as quality entertainment. This is not a blog where I bash certain TV shows or films. This is… Continue reading The Purpose of The Daily Binge


The Origins of The Daily Binge

The Origins of this Blog This blog was originally created in 2017 during my first semester as a Media and Communications major. It was originally an assignment about creating a blog about a specific topic that I was passionate about, but during that time, I wasn't too passionate about anything. College felt like an overwhelming… Continue reading The Origins of The Daily Binge