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Spotlight Saturday #5: Lucifer

If the name is off putting for you then I totally understand why you've never watched the show, but Lucifer has all of the elements of a pretty damn good television series. Plot One day the Devil gets bored in Hell, so he decides to spend time with the humans on Earth. He opens up… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #5: Lucifer

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Spotlight Saturday #4: Daybreak

Author Note: Don't mind the different formats on these posts. Some of these posts are hella old, and I forgot about them. While others are fresher and have a cleaner layout. The same content is being shared for each show/movie. I'm just trying to get a feel of how many headers and what colors feel… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #4: Daybreak


Spotlight Saturday #3: Busted

Happy New Year everybody! We are a little over a week in to the new year, and shit is already kind of crazy (This is starting to look like 2020 Part 2...). To take your mind off of recent events though, let's look and see what secret gems Netflix has to offer. In this installment… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #3: Busted

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Your Quick Guide to Surviving Quarantine 2020

It's only 3 months in, and 2020 is already making me miss 2019. First the helicopter accident, and now this... it's like 2020 is trying to dethrone 2016 as the worst year of the 21st century. Just in case you are unaware of the current situation let me catch you up on life during Big… Continue reading Your Quick Guide to Surviving Quarantine 2020