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Let’s Talk #1: Ginny & Georgia!

In our first addition of Let's Talk, I am going to cover a very popular series on Netflix that everyone is talking about: Ginny & Georgia. Recently, Ginny & Georgia was renewed for Season 2, so I'm going to talk about why this show is amazing as well as why it is not. Feel free… Continue reading Let’s Talk #1: Ginny & Georgia!

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Movie Mondays #2: Moxie

Plot: High school shouldn’t be this hard, but it’s a jungle where athletes are the kings. Teachers are complacent and sometimes offer no real guidance during difficult times. Who is going to stand up for the underdogs though? Who is going to make a change for the voiceless? This task isn’t for the weary. This… Continue reading Movie Mondays #2: Moxie

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Spotlight Saturday #6: Sex Education

If you had a terrible experience with sex education in high school, watch Sex Education. If you are just interested in a fun show about high schoolers navigating sex, then congratulations. Sex Education is just right for you. Plot Sex Education follows 3 high schoolers with very different college experiences. Otis is an outcast with… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #6: Sex Education

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Series of the Week: On My Block

If you are looking for a realistic yet comedic coming-of-age story, On My Block is a show for you. Here's the trailer for Season 1 to get an idea of what you're about to get into. https://youtu.be/us_AXwJKjjY What You Need To Know Before Watching: Plot On My Block follows a squad of 4 teenagers trying… Continue reading Series of the Week: On My Block

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Series of the Week: 13 Reasons Why

Everyone knows that high school kind of sucked, but it doesn't even compare to Hannah Baker's crazy sophomore year in 13 Reasons Why. Even though it's only been three days since its release, I've already finished it. When I was watching this show, I literally could not stop watching episode after episode. It was so addictive.… Continue reading Series of the Week: 13 Reasons Why