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Spotlight Saturday #7: The Witcher

In honor of Season 2 of The Witcher recently wrapping up, it is only fitting that I FINALLY post my review! This show right here is for my fans of Game of Thrones and Supernatural. If you've played the game that this show is based off of, this show is right up your alley too.… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #7: The Witcher

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Spotlight Saturday #5: Lucifer

If the name is off putting for you then I totally understand why you've never watched the show, but Lucifer has all of the elements of a pretty damn good television series. Plot One day the Devil gets bored in Hell, so he decides to spend time with the humans on Earth. He opens up… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #5: Lucifer

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Series of the Week: The Umbrella Academy

Welcome back, fellow binge watchers! This week I will be reviewing a Netflix Original series that is very dear to my heart. Before we dive into this review, please keep in mind that I will not be revealing any spoilers for the show. Everything within this review is my opinion only, and you feel free… Continue reading Series of the Week: The Umbrella Academy

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Series of the Week: Charmed

If you're fans of┬áSupernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you'll definitely love┬áCharmed. Charmed took place in San Francisco, CA, and it followed three sisters by the names of Prue, Piper and Phoebe. They seem like your typical set of sisters. You have the smart one (Prue), the practical one (Piper) and the crazy one… Continue reading Series of the Week: Charmed